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It's Like a Bidet in a Bottle!

The Toilet Paper Moistener. Evenly moistened, flushable wipes every time, anytime you need them for under $25 (taxes & shipping included*)!!

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The Whole Family Can Use

Wipe Aide is Perfect For

  • Toilet Training

  • Feminine Hygiene

  • Adult Incontinence

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Wipe Aide better than ”flushable” wipes?

With Wipe Aide, only moistened toilet paper is flushed. “Flushable” wipes do not disintegrate and they will clog pipes and cause backups.

Can a person with sensitive skin use Wipe Aide?

Yes, you simply fill the bottle with distilled or filtered water (not tap water). And always finish with a dry wipe.

Can I buy Wipe Aide in bulk?

Yes, we offer substantial bulk order discounts. They come in boxes of 50.

Is it available outside the U.S.?

Not yet.

How to store Wipe Aide?

At room temperature. Close lid when not in use.