Our Story

My Family used “flushable” wipes for a short time. Then disgusting sewage came flowing back and ruining our finished basement. The Roto Rooter serviceman came out to fix the problem. He pulled out all the “flushable” wipes that were clogging up our system. He instructed us to never, ever flush “flushable” wipes down the toilet because they will not disintegrate.

So, I invented Wipe Aide. The most economical, eco-friendly and plumbing safe way to have a moistened wipe any time and every time you need one. Wipe Aide will save you money, leave you worry-free and keep the whole family clean and feeling shower fresh. Enjoy😊.

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  • Feminine Hygiene

    Wipe Aide is perfect for helping women with their hygienic needs. It’s so easy and convenient. Wipe Aide is also cost-effective. Women will absolutely love it.

  • Adult Incontinence

    Wipe Aide is great for keeping you clean and feeling shower-fresh and eliminating unpleasant bodily odors.

  • Toilet Training Kids

    Toilet training your kids can be pretty daunting for a lot of parents. With wipe aide all your apprehensions about toilet training kids and maintaining hygiene will be a thing of the past. Your kids will absolutely love it.